7 Reasons India Needs Nayi Disha

Nayi Disha is a first-of-its-kind political platform which aims to bring together Indians who want fundamental changes in the way our country is governed.

1. India needs to eradicate hunger

Despite having the best of arable lands India ranked 100 out of 119 countries on the Global Hunger Index in 2017 according to the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) report. The National Food Security Act of 2013 has failed to fulfil its goal of ensuring access to adequate quantity of quality food at affordable prices. Nayi Disha will ensure that each family gets enough food for survival by providing every Indian the means to food.

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2. India needs to get rid of public-sector banks

Indian government has wasted close to ₹1 lakh 60 thousand crore to recapitalise Public Sector Banks. It is high time that these banks are privatised so that further losses of this nature are prevented.

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3- India needs security and rule of law for all instead of freebies for a few.

Nayi Disha, by reducing the size of the government will ensure that the government spends its resources in performing essential functions such as maintaining law and order and providing public infrastructure instead of wasting their energies on distributing freebies for political gains.

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4- Indians needs more CHOICE

With the limited size of the government Nayi Disha intends to make, Indians can choose how to live their lives according to their preferences instead of living on the diktats of bureaucrats and politicians. They will be able to choose where to send their children to the school, access better healthcare services, switch to better jobs and live a better life.

5- Indians need accountability of politicians and public officials

Corruption is one of the greatest menaces that erodes and defeats efforts made by many hard working Indians towards growth and development. Moreover, lack of accountability among the individuals, the government, and political institutions, is the biggest failing of Indian democracy. With Nayi Disha Prosperity Principles implemented we will have accountable governance which responds to the needs of the people.

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6- Half of Indians income is eaten up by taxes

With income tax, property tax, excise tax, customs duties, GST, capital gains tax, professional tax, corporate tax, gift tax, stamp duties and many other ways available to the authorities, the common man is constantly harassed by the government to pay more and more. Every year our taxes keep going up with almost no improvement in the quality of services provided by the government. Nayi Disha aims to stop government waste thus reducing the need for high taxes.

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7- Indians deserve a dignified life

The Right to life is enshrined under the Article 21 of the Constitution. Life under the constitution does not mean bare animal existence. The life under the Article implies the right to lead a meaningful, complete, and dignified life.

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