Nayi Disha is a first of its kind people-centric political platform. It aims to transform India with a new model of governance and politics. The platform will provide opportunities for local leaders to lead India towards prosperity.

Why Nayi Disha?

Poverty is not our destiny. We should have been a rich, developed nation by now but we are not.

We lack freedom. We are discriminated based on caste, religion and group affiliations. Decision-making in government is too centralised and removed from us. Justice is delayed. Public wealth is controlled, abused and misused by the government. It is not surprising then that most of us have remained poor.

30+ crore

Indians still live in extreme poverty


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19+ crore

people suffer from undernourishment

Who knows how many great scientists, poets, social reformers, inventors and sports champions India has to give to the world — only if we have the opportunity to flourish. This cannot happen if we are trapped in poverty.

The future of over 130 crore Indians depends on what we do today. We can make our country prosperous – not in generations, but between two elections. Let us not waste any more time.

Nayi Disha’s Prosperity Solutions

Nayi Disha’s two key solutions are:
1. Returning ₹1 lakh per year per family
2. Capping taxes at 10%

These aggregate to an annual benefit of about ₹1.5 lakh for every household. Besides it will also create a safety net for every Indian family, eliminate poverty, scale up job creation, reverse the growth of government and empower Indians to create wealth. This will boost private investment and economic growth, making additional resources available for public infrastructure and growing state capacity in the areas that it is currently deficient.

The Way Forward

Nayi Disha’s Mission 543 aims to bring together voters seeking prosperity and candidates willing to deliver it. We plan to contest and win a majority of the 543 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, form the next government, and implement an agenda to put Indians on an irreversible path of prosperity.

Unlike traditional political parties, Nayi Disha will achieve this through a disruptive model of governance and politics.

We can do it!

Our mission may sound incredible but it is possible. Read our detailed note on Nayi Disha: A Manifesto and Political Platform for Making Indians Prosperous.

Meet Rajesh Jain

We can make India prosperous. The future of over 130 crore Indians depends on what we do today. Let us not waste any more time. Join Nayi Disha.

A technology entrepreneur and a pioneer in Asia’s dotcom revolution, Rajesh created India’s first Internet portals in the late 1990s. He then started what is today India’s largest digital marketing company. Rajesh continues to be an entrepreneur but in a different domain – nation building.

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