Am I against the BJP government and the Prime Minister?

Given my past support for the BJP and the PM, some have written to ask if I have turned against them. It is only fair that I should address this directly.

I am not against the BJP government, any political party or any individual. I have never had a negative agenda, political or otherwise, and I don’t have one now. I don’t have time to waste fighting against any political party or person. I am an entrepreneur, not a politician.

My goal is the positive goal of enabling the changes needed to make India a prosperous nation. I am unconditionally with everyone who works for that same goal. I am focused on changing the system, and the political processes that have become dysfunctional and obsolete. As an entrepreneur my job is to enable positive change, to transform, and to improve whatever I can.

As I have continually stressed, I am not against any one, least of all against Mr. Modi. My agenda remains the same today as it was when I actively worked for years to do what I could to help Mr. Modi win in 2014. My agenda is India’s prosperity, and I am an ally of anyone who has the goal.

I have written in detail about my ‘Statement of Purpose’ here.

I do not doubt Mr. Modi’s sincerity and dedication to India’s progress. It goes without saying that we have the same goal — peace and prosperity. However different people believe in different means to various ends. I am convinced that heavy-handed government control of the people and the economy are not the right means to India’s progress. Those have consistently failed not just in India but everywhere they have been tried. They have to be replaced by other means.

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