Breaking Free with Nayi Disha

We face a clear choice ahead of the next elections. We can fall into the same divisive trap that all political parties lay for us. They split us by caste, community and class. We are promised sops based on our identity. We are made to fear our neighbours. We are forced to be consumed by long-forgotten history. Our past consumes us. None of the political parties talk about our future with an achievable action plan on what they propose to do.

Those in power have little to show in terms of fulfilment of the promises they had made. Those wanting to take their place are back to making promises they have failed to keep multiple times. They are all aligned and united by a common goal – taking control of the world’s greatest anti-prosperity machine, which will make them richer.

Of course, every government in power does things. They have plenty of money collected through the blood and sweat of our hard work – taxes. After all, it is we who pay for government. The things they do may look optically good in the short-term and for one segment of people. But you can be sure if the effects of their actions are taken across all segments of people and over the long-term, there is significant damage they inflict. For instance, just look at our poverty-ridden past. This is the true nature of government, which is kept hidden from us.

Nayi Disha is about breaking this cycle. The political revolution of selecting our own candidates combined with the economic revolution of returning the wealth of people back to them is the starting path to create prosperity. It is now or never. We have wasted far too much time already hoping for good people in government. What needs to change are the rules – which will forever constrain government. This can only be done by a new startup. This is the revolution we need to come together for.

Technology today lets us bypass the government mouthpieces masquerading as media. We can reach out to others on our own. All it requires is for each of us to connect with 10-20 of our friends and family, and get them to sign up as Nayi Disha members. This needs to be combined with a commitment that everyone will turn out to vote on election day for their local Nayi Disha candidate (whom the people themselves have selected). Can we make this happen?

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