Dhan Vapasi and Prosperity: Making It Happen

Every Indian family needs to get its date with prosperity. Sometime in the next year or two, the process of Dhan Vapasi needs to begin.

Today, governments sitting in distant offices are deciding what is good for individual families. So, a few years ago, they got MNREGA. Then, some got loan waivers. Later, they were given a gas cylinder. And more loan waivers. Then, they will get an electricity connection. Maybe in the future, they will get a solar lantern. And more loan waivers.

The freebies may change over the years, but the two constants are poverty and the politician’s desire to convert that poverty into persistent votes.

What needs to change?

The paternalism of politicians and bureaucrats needs to end. Dhan Vapasi is about ending this cycle of misery – and returning freedom and wealth to the people.

Dhan Vapasi for all Indians

Every Indian family needs to get its date with prosperity – the Dhan Vapasi Date. Sometime in the next year or two, the process of Dhan Vapasi needs to begin. Because every year that is lost, we are denying crores of Indians access to opportunities and the freedom to chart out their own course to prosperity.

There can be no better equaliser in life than Dhan Vapasi. There is no better safety net for every Indian family than Dhan Vapasi. There can be no better starting point for everyone than Dhan Vapasi.

Dhan Vapasi must be universal as every Indian family has a share in the wealth of India. The quantum of money (₹1 lakh annually for every household) is large enough to trigger a cascade of opportunities, wealth creation and prosperity.

People will have money in their hands to decide how they want to spend it – or save it. This demand across the country will be fulfilled by entrepreneurs and enterprise who will create new jobs. Farm incomes will increase as income increases.

How can Dhan Vapasi be made possible?

Dhan Vapasi can be started tomorrow. All it requires is the will of those in power to do it. The realisation needs to dawn that all those poverty alleviation schemes since the days of ‘Garibi Hatao’ and before have failed miserably, and the only solutions that have worked are giving freedom to people by limiting the interventions by the government in their lives.

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The reality though is that all politicians and parties are of a similar nature – that is the reason why Dhan Vapasi has not even been brought up in the past 70 years since Independence. They all benefit by controlling the resources, growing the size and scope of what government does, and selectively distributing largesse in return for votes and commissions.

If not the current government or parties, who?

In this event, what India needs is a new political startup without the legacy of the past. Just like startups in the technology space have brought about disruption and transformation to benefit millions of Indians, the time has come for similar innovation in the political marketplace.

Such a startup would have a single goal – create a government focused on prosperity. Such a startup would give freedom, wealth and power to where it should belong – the people of India.

This is the alliance and coalition that India needs – one which unites people on a single theme. To dismantle India’s anti-prosperity machine, to elect India’s First Prosperity Prime Minister who leads the government to implement Dhan Vapasi.