Dhan Vapasi: the solution to India’s Hamesha Problems

Have you wondered what are the hamesha problems of India - poverty, unemployment, corruption - never seem to get resolved. Dhan Vapasi is a practical solution. Dhan Vapasi help us uproot the hamesha problems plaguing India.

Here’s how Dhan Vapasi can help us uproot the hamesha problems plaguing India.


Dhan Vapasi will put ₹1 lakh every year in the hands of every family – an amount equal to the annual income of the median Indian household. This will give freedom of choice to the family on how they want to spend. Poverty will get wiped out as no family will want for the basics of life.


As people start spending and as the idle assets start getting used, jobs will get created. Business people and entrepreneurs will set up factories and shops to meet the growing demand. This will eliminate unemployment.


Dhan Vapasi will also ensure that the money reaches every family – without discrimination. This will eliminate the discretionary power of the bureaucrat who can today decide if a person should be given a benefit or not, which leads to bribery and corruption. Since Dhan Vapasi is universal and unconditional, no such decisions by any government person is needed.

To know more about Dhan Vapasi, visit DhanVapasi.com. Do sign the petition to make every Indian rich here.