Dhan Vapasi

Our plan is to make every Indian prosperous.

Why we need it?

Successive governments in India have failed to bring prosperity to us. They have abused and misused our wealth for 70 years. It is time for us to demand our rightful share back. The perpetual poverty, unemployment, lack of education and health cannot continue if we want to live in a prosperous nation.

How can it be done?

How can it be done?

Nayi Disha will work towards return of public wealth that belongs to the people. The return will take place through gradual monetisation and distribution of proceeds to the people directly in their bank accounts. Simultaneously, Nayi Disha will also push for economic reforms that will put India on the path of prosperity. For more details – please refer to our Public Wealth Monetisation report.

How much is the wealth?

How much is the wealth?

India is one of the richest countries in terms of mineral wealth and other natural endowments. Analysts have estimated the mineral wealth of India to be more than ₹5000 lakh crore. In addition, we estimate the value of surplus public land with various ministries, departments, and PSUs to be about ₹340 lakh crore.

Adding a conservative 20% of mineral wealth and value of surplus public land, the Indian State owns at least ₹1340 lakh crore of wealth. This amount is sufficient to provide each Indian family ₹1 lakh per year for 50 years.

We have consolidated publicly available information of this wealth in a continuously updating wiki. You can also contribute towards enriching the Public Wealth Wiki.

We can make India prosperous – not in generations, but between two elections. The future of over 130 crore Indians depends on what we do today. Let us not waste any more time.

Rajesh Jain

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