Our Government Owns Luxury Hotels while People Starve

Did you know that our government owns hotels which cost about ₹3000-₹6000 per night for a standard room? Is this what our country needs?

Did you know that the Indian government is also a hotelier?

The Ashok Group is a chain of hotels owned by the India Tourism Development Corporation since 1966. The government also runs Hotel Corporation of India Limited which was set up in 1971.

These hotels have been making heavy losses in the last few years. Ranchi Ashok Bihar Corporation, Utkal Ashok Hotel Corporation, Assam Ashok Hotel Corporation, Donyi Polo Ashok Hotels and Hotel corporation of India have made a total loss of 1,75,65,00,000 from 2014 to 2017.

When you travel anywhere in India, you are sure to find an accommodation as per your preferences and financial conditions. There is no need for the government to run hotels with taxpayers’ money.

If these hotels were serving any public service, that might be a different thing, but the Central government is in the business of running luxury hotels. A standard room in any of these hotels costs anywhere between ₹3000-₹6000 per night. They are certainly not made for the common man.

Similar to Air India, these hotels serve the purpose of finding accommodation at will for bureaucrats and politicians.

Is this what we pay our taxes for?

This money could have been used to feed 1,00,000 people for 18 months. What would you rather have the government to do?

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