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"What prevents India from achieving its destiny is this: the system that denies us freedom to create wealth.That system has to be dismantled, root and branch. We have to change the system, not just replace one political party with another, or one government with another."

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What is Nayi Disha?

Nayi Disha is an independent political platform for making Indians prosperous. It aims to bring together Indians who want fundamental changes in the way our country works.

Nayi Disha is the first-of-its-kind platform in politics. If you have ideas for your country, for your constituency, if you have wondered what you can do to contribute to the story of your country’s prosperity, this is your platform. It is a gathering of like-minded people for a better India.

You may think of us as Uber for politics, we neither have any candidates of our own nor are we a political party. We are a digitally empowered platform which provides an opportunity for local leaders to lead India in a new direction.

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What are Nayi Disha’s vision and mission?

Nayi Disha believes that poverty is not India’s destiny. Our vision is to bring lasting prosperity to Indians, not in a century but within two elections.

Our Mission 543 aims to bring together voters seeking prosperity and candidates willing to deliver it. We would like to enable passionate local leaders to contest and win a majority of the 543 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, form the next government, and implement an agenda to put Indians on an irreversible path of prosperity.

We are guided by the following principles:: 1. Liberty
2. Non-discrimination
3. Non-interference
4. Limited government
5. Decentralisation
6. Timely justice
7. Public wealth return

How does Nayi Disha propose to bring prosperity to all Indians?

Nayi Disha’s two key solutions – returning ₹1 lakh per year per family and capping taxes at 10% – aggregate to an annual benefit of about ₹1.5 lakh for every household.

Besides putting more money in the hands of people, these initiatives will also create a safety net for every Indian family, eliminate poverty, scale up job creation, reverse the growth of government, and empower Indians to create wealth. This money will come from reducing government waste and inefficiency, selling or shutting down unnecessary government enterprises and by deploying unused and under-utilised resources. The 10% cap on taxation will ensure that there are enough revenues to support government’s need, but not its greed.

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How do you think you can fulfil these promises when nobody else could in 70 years?

The political parties and leaders in power have little or no incentive to change India’s direction and thus have kept India on the same path of poverty and exploitation, like colonial rulers.

No wonder, their sole purpose has been to stay in power, for which they have kept Indians dependent on government hand-outs and quotas in exchange for votes. Nayi Disha will use its prosperity principles which no government has tried before to fulfil its promise of making Indians prosperous. To a Nayi Disha supporter or leader, power is the means, not the goal.

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We already have many political parties, why do we need a new one?

Though we have many political parties, nothing much has changed. Every party’s messaging is based on surname, caste, quotas, subsidies, and doctored history. Prosperity is promised but never achieved.

Nayi Disha is a platform, not a party. It aims to connect voters and leaders and enable them to engage in politics of growth and justice. It aspires to change the way politics is done in India.

If you are not happy with the current political scenario, join us.

What will Nayi Disha do for the poor?

Nayi Disha aims to provide all three for the poor via public wealth return of ₹ 1 Lakh every year for every household in the country, and by bringing in thorough reforms that will help in increasing economic opportunities available to the poor.

This will help break the vicious cycle of poverty due to lack of opportunities, and lack of social and economic capital, that many Indians are currently trapped in.

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Are you a part of BJP/Congress/AAP and exist to merely divide votes?

No, Nayi Disha is not affiliated with any political party. It is a new and independent platform for forward-thinking Indians who are fed-up with the current state of politics in the country.

If you are not happy with the current political scenario, join us.

Every politician is corrupt. What would you do to tackle corruption in your party?

We are not career politicians, we are here to empower common people to be a part of politics. That is why we are not a party that chooses leaders from the top or runs on the whims of a family.

Nayi Disha’s platform is completely open and transparent. Local leaders will be chosen by a transparent election process, and every member can stand for the elections. As soon as Nayi Disha reaches 5% of voters in any constituency, elections for local leadership posts will be held. All data related to the members of Nayi Disha will be publically available on our website for inspection at any time.

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Is Nayi Disha a political party registered with the Election Commission of India?

No, Nayi Disha is not registered as a political party. We are a platform that will make possible a better model of governance and politics.

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Why should I join Nayi Disha?

You must join Nayi Disha if you believe that poverty is not our destiny. If you believe that we, the people of India, have the important duty of making India a prosperous and modern nation, you must join Nayi Disha.

If you believe in our prosperity principles and wish to be a part of this change, support our movement.

Be a part of our vision. Become a volunteer.

Who are the people involved in Nayi Disha?

Nayi Disha is an initiative by Rajesh Jain. Our members include people from all walks and age of life – students, businessmen, lawyers, economists, farmers, and young professionals.

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Didn’t Rajesh Jain make Modi win the 2014 elections? Why is he doing this?

Yes, he did. He however soon realised that all existing parties in India are the same and do not have any solutions to uplift people.

Nayi Disha, his initiative, can finally help us break free from the bad policies of previous governments and lead India on a path to prosperity.

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Nayi Disha is being started by a businessman, how do I know it is not just a platform to help his business?

Throughout his career, Rajesh has maintained the utmost integrity and has never been accused of corruption, he is a self-made man who believes in hard work.

Rajesh understands what is needed for businesses to grow to make India prosperous and create jobs for millions of Indian youth. Through Nayi Disha, his journey as an entrepreneur continues, but now in a different domain – nation building. He strongly believes that India needs transformation and every one of us must be the political entrepreneurs in that revolution.

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You are just a platform, I am just a voter. Can we really bring about a change?

Like you, millions of people think that their single vote is not going to change anything. However, governments in India are often formed with less than one-third majority of voters.

In 2014 general elections for instance, 28.7 crore people out of 83.4 crore eligible voters did not vote. BJP, the winning party, got only 17 crore votes. Imagine if these 28.7 crore people had voted, the outcome of the election could have been completely different.

Most people do not vote because they think it will not make any difference. As the data shows, it is not true. If we all voted together for change, no one can stop us from freeing India from the shackles of vile politicians and move the country towards a Nayi Disha.

Be a part of our vision. Become a volunteer.

How can I contribute to Nayi Disha?

We are glad that you asked. There are many ways in which you can support us:

a. If you are just bored or pained by the current political scenario, and want to understand how Nayi Disha could bring about the change, sign up through WhatsApp or e-mail for our newsletter.
b. If you are interested in our mission, do register with your Voter ID and become an active member
c. If you feel inspired to walk towards a new direction with us, volunteer for us and spread our message, or even become our ambassador or a community leader.

Be a part of our vision. Become a volunteer.

How would Nayi Disha raise funds?

The initial funding for Nayi Disha is provided by Rajesh Jain. For more funds, we will soon open it up for everyone who wants to contribute. This will be done in an open and transparent manner.

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What will be Nayi Disha’s role in 2019 General Elections?

Nayi Disha aims to gather the support of minimum 5% voters in every constituency in India. Unlike traditional political parties, Nayi Disha supporters will choose their local leaders through internal elections (‘primaries’) to represent them in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Nayi Disha members will be able to provide feedback on the contesting candidates, thus enabling everyone to know each candidate before voting. In the event its candidates win a majority in the Lok Sabha, Nayi Disha’s members will vote to select the next Prime Minister of India from among the elected MPs.

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Why is Voter ID required for my registration?

Voter ID helps identify members uniquely and also measures Nayi Disha’s support in every constituency. Aggregate information on membership will eventually be displayed on the Nayi Disha website in real-time.

Read more about our Mission 543 and why Voter IDs are important.

How will my personal data (such as Voter ID, phone number, etc.) be secured?

Your data is completely safe with us. It is stored in a highly secured environment. Your data privacy and secrecy are sacrosanct, and we will not misuse it.

Be a part of our vision. Become a volunteer.

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