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A Political Platform for Making Indians Prosperous

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Key Principles of Nayi Disha


Everybody's rights and freedoms must be protected.


Local authority should be empowered for local governance.

Public wealth return

Government must return the rightful share of public wealth to people.


No special status should be granted to any individual or group.

Timely justice

Government must protect all people from coercion and deliver timely justice.

Limit government

Government must not engage in commercial activities.


Government must not interfere in voluntary exchanges among people.

There’s more that should change.

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Meet Rajesh Jain

We can make India prosperous – not in generations, but between two elections. The future of over 130 crore Indians depends on what we do today. Let us not waste any more time.

A technology entrepreneur and a pioneer in Asia’s dotcom revolution, Rajesh created India’s first Internet portals in the late 1990s. He then started what is today India’s largest digital marketing company. Rajesh continues to be an entrepreneur but in a different domain – nation building.

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