India – The unsuitable land

Children are world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for future. - John F. Kennedy But our statistics say, they are safe NOWHERE!

The future of any nation lies in the hands of its children. And they should be secured. Each childhood should be spent worrying about recess more than homework and about making up with their closest companions over tiffin battles. And above all, every child must be secure. In India, the alarming rate at which our children are battling the demons of the outer world is scary!

India has become an unsuitable land for her children. Right from the streets to public transport, public spaces to their own homes, places of worship to schools, the screams of our children don’t seem to die down. Physical and mental abuse has become an everyday phenomenon for millions of innocent children.

Each day the cries of our children fill the newspapers and yet the wheels of justice barely chug along. They seem unmoved by the cruel crimes raging from all sides of the nation.

Statistics show that no corner of our country spares our children from heinous acts of abuse.

1) From North

2) To South

3) Right from west

4) Till East

5) Even the heart is not spared…

So many cases of child abuse and rape are reported, but it takes an average of 2 to 3 years for them to reach a verdict. Even filing a charge sheet or launching FIR takes forever in rape cases. And we have politicians, officials, police and judges choosing silence instead of action. Worse still, our politicians stoop low to politicising rapes for votes.

While victims fight their battles, these power-hungry people add salt to their wounds. They sleep in peace while millions of mothers and children continue to have nightmares.

We need a justice system that works and better functioning lawmakers to make sure that our children don’t have to live in constant state of fear and darkness.

Source: Crime in India 2016