Let Us Unleash Our Inner Energy

There is a story, pent-up anger, hope and entrepreneur within each of us. Our story is created from our experiences and the choices we make. When our freedom to choose is constrained as has happened in India, our story becomes muted. Had my father not got a scholarship to go abroad for his education, his story (and therefore mine) would have been very different.

Within each of us is an amazing energy waiting to be unleashed. When opportunities are limited, our ambition and growth gets stunted. When I started India’s first Internet portal in 1995, it was around the same time as Yahoo and eBay launched. I was constrained not by my thinking but the lack of Indian Internet infrastructure, which was then completely controlled by the government. Imagine the wealth creation that could have taken place had Indian entrepreneurs been allowed to flourish without the government’s anti-prosperity machine.

There is anger within each of us. It can come out as passion or stagnate as frustration or fizzle out as despair. This is the energy that has to be channelised towards change. Without action, there is no change. Our inner anger will fuel the revolution that India needs now. This anger needs to see hope and a path to making the change happen.

This is Nayi Disha’s mission – to return power and wealth back to the people, to make us “free to choose.” We must have the power to decide who our candidates and agents will be. We must get back our wealth that the government controls. Only through these political and economic transformations can we make ourselves prosperous. Only when we prosper can our nation prosper.

Nayi Disha’s revolution is about the future for each one of us. We all want to have a go at becoming prosperous and making our lives better. But this cannot be done in the face of the mounting obstacles put up at every stage by the government and its cronies. This revolution is about breaking these barriers and setting us free. Nayi Disha is the platform to enable us to change our future and that of India. Because “Tum Badhoge, Desh Badhega.”

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