Mission 543 - Making Nayi Disha a Success

Nayi Disha brings together voters who value freedom and prosperity and capable candidates who are willing to do what needs to be done. Nayi Disha’s aim is to contest and win a majority of the 543 seats in the next Lok Sabha elections, form the next government, and implement an agenda to put India on the path to prosperity.

This is how we will do it:

The Supporters of Nayi Disha

  • Election outcomes have thus far been dictated by just one-third voters
  • However, outcomes can be changed by the silent majority of two-third voters

The Message of Nayi Disha

The public wealth of Indians is over ₹ 1340 lakh crore. This wealth, that is currently being unused, misused, abused and underused, must be returned to the people.
  • Every family should get Universal Wealth Return of ₹ 1 lakh per year
  • All taxes should be capped at 10%

The Platform of Nayi Disha

  • Nayi Disha is a people-centric democratic platform for leadership and governance
  • It turns the traditional hierarchical model of politics upside down

The Primaries Model of Nayi Disha

  • The Nayi Disha platform aggregates the power of true majority by allowing members to select leaders at all levels through primaries
  • Primaries will be conducted as soon as a minimum 5 % of the registered voters become members of Nayi Disha in a constituency

Read our detailed note on Making Nayi Disha A Success.

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