Tumhara na janm na mrityu,
Naash na vinaash,
Tum toh amrut kay santaan ho,
Tumhay kis baat ka darr hai

- Swami Vivekananda

Statement of Purpose

Rajesh Jain

At the core, I am an entrepreneur, meaning someone who combines existing bits to create what is of greater value to people than the sum of the separate, uncombined parts. Creation of value is the creation of wealth.

As a technology entrepreneur I achieved what I wanted to — to create whatever value I could for society. The consequent personal material success was a side-effect of that, but personal wealth has not been my primary motivation.

People are motivated to act to change whatever they find dissatisfactory. In my case, the dissatisfaction is the realisation that we Indians have not achieved our potential. Like the rest of the rich world, India has everything necessary for success. Yet, India isn’t what it can be. Hundreds of millions of Indians are poor. We can — no, we have to and we must — change that.

We all have dreams, goals, and ambitions. I do not have any political ambitions because that’s just not who I am. I am an entrepreneur, not a politician and I never want to be one. My dream, goal and ambition is to see India prosperous. As an entrepreneur, I know that that is achievable and I believe I know what needs to be done.

In my view, what prevents India from achieving its destiny is this: the system that denies us freedom to create wealth. That system is the government that has become our master and rules over us, making us servants to their greed. That system has to be dismantled, root and branch. We have to change the system, not just replace one political party with another, or one government with another.

Together we can and must change the system. Our fight is not against any particular politician or political party. We are against every government that dictates and rules over us, that denies us our basic freedom to be and do what we can for ourselves, that wrongfully holds back our wealth, that strangles our growth.

I take very seriously Swami Vivekanand’s call to action. He said,

Tumhara na janm na mrityu,

Naash na vinaash.

Tum toh amrut kay santaan ho.

Tumhay kis baat ka darr hai

We are the children of the immortal, the indestructible. We must not be afraid of anything. Those that rule over us are very powerful but together we are immensely more powerful than them. Together we can create a path to prosperity by coming together without being afraid of those forces that dominate us.

We must chart out a new direction for India. We owe it to ourselves, and to our future generations.

Meet Rajesh Jain

We can make India prosperous. The future of over 130 crore Indians depends on what we do today. Let us not waste any more time. Join Nayi Disha.

A technology entrepreneur and a pioneer in Asia’s dotcom revolution, Rajesh created India’s first Internet portals in the late 1990s. He then started what is today India’s largest digital marketing company. Rajesh continues to be an entrepreneur but in a different domain – nation building.