Nayi Disha’s Process and Platform Innovation

For a nation to prosper, the people have to have not just political freedom but also have economic and individual freedoms. For a variety of reasons, Indians lack this comprehensive freedom. Through its process and platform innovation, Nayi Disha will enable Indians to gain the comprehensive freedom that has been denied to them not just under British rule but under every government that India has had since 1947.

Nayi Disha enables people and political parties to seek freedom for India and Indians. It is not interested in making unrealistic promises or seeking unattainable goals as has been done for decades by every government. No political party or government has ever said that it will work to keep Indians poor; yet that is exactly what they have achieved. The outcome was not as promised because no one can promise outcomes.

Nayi Disha’s innovation is in the process. All we can do is to put in place processes that create prosperity and the outcomes will be what they will be. If the process is good, then the outcome will be the best that is possible given the circumstances.

Nayi Disha is thus a process innovation and a platform that will change the system so that Indians will be free to create wealth. Only people create wealth, not governments or political parties. The political transformation that Nayi Disha brings is only a means to an end, not the end in itself. The process allows the people to gain the freedom they need to create their own prosperity.

Let’s stress this point: Nayi Disha cannot make India prosperous because only the people of India can do that. But people have to be free to create wealth. Nayi Disha is a platform that enables the process for people to free themselves from government control. The process innovation is that it allows decentralisation instead of the top-down centralisation that has disempowered people.

Indians do have political freedom in terms of being able to vote in elections. But this freedom is severely limited. Indians have very little choice in deciding whom to vote for. Mostly, the candidates contesting elections are chosen by the leadership of political parties without any inputs from the people whom the candidate is supposed to represent.

Nayi Disha increases political freedom by transferring power to the people. It takes power out of the hands of the leaders of the political parties, and shifts it to the people who use the power to decide who should represent which political party.

Nayi Disha’s process innovation is that it gives the choice of candidates to where it properly belongs — the people. This is democracy from the ground up. This democratisation breaks the top-down control that lies at the core of political corruption.

You can read about the Platform in detail here.

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