Rajesh Jain’s Journey to Dhan Vapasi

Rajesh Jain talks about his journey into politics and his motivation to launch Dhan Vapasi - a movement aimed at making Indians prosperous...


Rajesh Jain joins Amit Varma, host of The Seen and the Unseen podcast, in an insightful conversation about his journey into the political space, starting from being an important part of Narendra Modi’s 2014 campaign to his latest project, Dhan Vapasi which is a movement aimed at making Indians prosperous.

This podcast first appeared on Episode 94 of The Seen and the Unseen on November 12, 2018.

Also, the complete transcript of the podcast is available for download here.


Below are the highlights of the podcast along with timestamps (HH:MM:SS):

00:04:16 Rajesh Jain talks about his journey into the Indian political space

00:14:16 How can technology be used to shape a political campaign

00:26:59 Why Rajesh got disillusioned with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

00:38:23 How can India change its trajectory

00:43:27 Why India needs a new Constitution

00:54:31 On local governance and drafting an alternative to the Municipal Corporation Act

01:03:33 Introduction to the idea of Dhan Vapasi

01:14:00 The cycle of wealth creation through Dhan Vapasi

01:19:29 How can Dhan Vapasi make a difference in the life of an average Indian family  

01:25:29 How Dhan Vapasi is different from Universal Basic Income

01:31:22 Harnessing technology to bring about a change in the political space in India

01:38:48 Incentives for voters and independent candidates to sign up for Dhan Vapasi

01:51:45 Dhan Vapasi’s roadmap

01:58:29 What it means to be a political entrepreneur