7 Signs that India is Failing and Needs Reforms

India gained independence 71 years ago in the hope of making a better nation for us all. But have we succeeded in doing so?

Let’s face it, India has not been doing too well on either national or international level. All the news that we hear every day and the facts we see, only reassure us of our country’s poor performance.

Here are some of the recent news and facts that prove how poorly our country has been performing-

1. India foreign direct investment (FDI) growth slowest in 5 years
India failed to attract substantial foreign capital in 2017. FDI inflows grew 3% – the slowest in five years. This is an impediment in an effort to create jobs in the nation. FDI is essential to draw foreign money in domestic industries as they help in fostering jobs and technology.

2. Rupee hits an all-time low
The Indian rupee plummeted hard and hit a low of 68.95. The currency has been on a steady decline since April and hit a low of 69.10 on June 28 this year. By July 2, it fell to 68.80 a dollar. It stands as one of the most vulnerable currencies in Asia.

3. India’s ranking in press freedom falls to 138
According to the Press Freedom Index 2017-18, India ranked 138th out of 180 countries in the world. After the many news about violence and threats against journalists recently, this report is of no surprise. In our country, the matter of open and independent journalism itself is under threat, raising serious concerns about our freedom of speech and expression.

4. India, the world’s most dangerous country for women
A recent poll by Thomson Reuters Foundation confirmed India as the most dangerous country for women to live in. Not that we needed a report to tell us how difficult it is for women to live in India. As we know, every 20 mins a new rape case is “reported” in India, leaving the ones that go unreported and the many cases of molestation and harassment. It’s definitely shocking and at the same time a reminder for us to see the problem as it is – crucial.

5. Delayed justice – denied justice
The poor state of justice in our country needs no introduction. The number of pending cases are soaring high and we seem to have no practical solution for the same. In India, you can go and file an FIR but the chances of you getting justice on time is meek. Rule of law is critical for any society to flourish but India ranks 62 out of 113 countries on the latest Rule of Law index. The total number of pending cases over 10 years is more than 22 lakhs while the total number of pending cases is more than 2.6 crore.

6. Corruption – a beast impossible to tame
Every day we come across corrupt practices in everyday lives, whether it is getting out of a traffic ticket, obtaining a government service or starting a business. So, it is no surprise that Transparency International ranked India 81 out of 176 countries. In fact, Money parked by Indians in Swiss banks rose over 50% to about ₹ 7,000 crores in 2017. Still waiting for our 15 lakhs *cough cough*.

7. Communal violence rising high
According to an India Spend analysis, communal violence has increased 28% over the last 3 years till 2017. It’s a scary thought to have our national integrity at stake. Uttar Pradesh –the most populous state in the country has reported most incidents (1,488) over the last decade.

These are only a few of the many indicators that warn us against our falling economy and poor governance. It’s sad that we’ve failed to tackle the problems and have no concrete plan for the future too. When will we wake up to see the reality? Don’t you think we need serious reforms in our political and economic system? Shouldn’t we get a chance to repair our broken system and lives?

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