Smashing India’s Anti-Prosperity Machine

How did India create the world’s biggest anti-prosperity machine? It is quite a machine, mind you. It takes some doing to trash energies of the young, to suck away optimism and money from the middle-class, to drain creativity and energy of entrepreneurs, to torture small farmers into deep distress, and to enrich only the ruling class and their crony friends at the very top. So, who invented this machine?

The answer could be that the British did, or maybe even the Mughals. Or someone else. Regardless, here we are. We can go back a hundred years, or five hundred years. The answer makes no difference.

The only question that matters is what are we going to do about it?

Because every day we lose, we continue to keep crores of Indians in poverty, we deprive them of quality education and healthcare, we limit their job opportunities, we deprive them and ourselves of a better life. We just don’t see this constant degeneration in the headlines, which report only the trivial to occupy our mindspace. But the living crores who are killed over and over again everyday do not make it to our feeds and messaging apps.

So, back to the question. What are we going to do about it?

I started thinking about this a few years ago. For an entrepreneur, every problem is an opportunity. Every locked door has a key. I asked myself: What will it take to put us on the path to prosperity by smashing the anti-prosperity machine? And the answer to me was clear: it had to be a new entity, a startup. Not bound by the legacy of the past. Only focused on the present and the future.

That is the inspiration for Nayi Disha. The answers to our future prosperity lie within us, here and now, in our country and in our actions. Time has come to complete the revolution that began in 1857, was rekindled in 1942, and then was forgotten. It is time to restart the revolution.

Are we ready?

Tum Badhoge, Desh Badhega – the power lies with us

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