Their time is up!

They are the villains of independent India. They are the root cause of India’s misery and poverty. They have kept us uneducated, hungry, hopeless, jobless. They have together through the decades looted 90% of our wealth and prevented us from being 10 times richer. They are India’s politicians. Their time is up.

The clear path ahead of us

There is a clear path to creating wealth, to making every Indian richer and happier, to building a great India. Every Indian can be the beneficiary in this new, prosperous India. It can be done in a matter of years, rather than waiting for generations.

Nayi Disha’s Prosperity Principles are the foundation for making Indians prosperous. To make these principles central to government policy and implement the two Nayi Disha Prosperity Solutions (return of public wealth of Rs 1 lakh to every family every year and setting a 10% maximum limit on all taxes) requires the formation of a new government which is genuinely of, for and by the people.

This can only be done with the active participation of every Indian who is not aligned to one of the existing political parties and the past. Every such Indian must now stand up and come together to help build the new future. We are two-thirds and yet we feel we do not have a voice. We are two-thirds and yet we feel helpless. We are central to India and yet we feel left out. It is because we do not know there are others like us. It is because we do not know our own strength.

It is time for change

This is the moment in time when we have to organise ourselves. All it takes is a single SMS to become a Nayi Disha member. Then, help spread it to 10 others – in our family and friend circles. Finally, on election day, commit to 30 minutes of time to go out and vote. That is it – 1 SMS, 10 friends, 30 minutes. This participation from you can help make Nayi Disha a success and set India on the right path to prosperity.

No force in India can stop us if we unite. We have to take the first step. The message we need to send the politicians is that their time is up. For 70 years, they have denied three generations of Indians their future, their prosperity, their happiness. It is time for change.

What is your choice?

Each of us have to decide. Will it be continuity and more of the same? Or will it change – not from one of them to another of their breed, but a Nayi Disha.

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