Time to End British Raj 2.0

All around us corrupt, greedy, power-hungry politicians are taking away more of our freedoms and wealth. They are playing one segment of society against another to tighten their hold on power. Their policies are denying us jobs and a better future. Government after government in India has perpetuated poverty and prevented us from becoming prosperous. Power has become increasingly concentrated at the top, leaving citizens and civic organisations even more helpless.

Farmers are in distress because of decades of myriad controls on agriculture. Youth have been made unemployable because of decades of controls on education. Small and medium businesses have been stunted because of decades of controls via poorly formulated regulations. Crony businessmen have looted the banks with government as a willing accomplice. Cities are poorly governed because of the refusal of chief ministers to decentralise power.

Corruption continues to be endemic because of the increasing power and demands of politicians and bureaucrats; their vice-like grip on investigative and judicial processes ensures that their ilk go scot-free irrespective of the magnitude of the crime. Headlines are managed by a media fed on government whims and ads. Privacy is being threatened with a universal ID number that is set to rule over us all. Freedoms across the board are being trampled upon by fringe groups who have been given a free reign by governments that turn a blind eye.

It does not matter which of them is in power. Every government has continued the bad policies of the previous government and introduced new ones which constrain freedoms and ease of doing business. Every government has consistently reduced freedom, taxed away more of our income and wealth, and taken us further away from prosperity. Every government has become bigger with every failure.

This continuation of control by the elite and enrichment of the few at the cost of many must end. We must unite to break the nexus between politicians of all parties who use power to enslave us. We must together push back the government to the limited things it should do and must do them well. We have to rise against this Raj, the British Raj 2.0. We need to be free so each of us can make our own prosperous future.

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