Tum Badhoge, Desh Badhega

India was never a poor country. The hope was that Indians could finally prosper with their own government after independence.Little did we know. The rulers changed, but the rules did not. Indians remain prey to the Anti-Prosperity Machine built by successive sarkars.

India was never a poor country. Since the beginning of history, India was a magnet for the world’s traders and invaders. When India finally became independent in 1947, the hope was that the looting would finally stop and Indians could finally prosper with their own government.

Little did we know. The rulers changed, but the rules did not. And therefore, the outcomes did not change. Numbers do not lie. Whichever number we take, whatever comparison we see, the prosperity has still not happened.

While India became free and the colour of the skin of her rulers changed in 1947, freedom was not truly delivered to Indians. The Bharat Sarkar became the new Raj. The wealth of the people stayed with the sarkar. Successive sarkars exploited inherent divisions to maximise power and wealth for themselves. And rule by rule, regulation by regulation, ordinance by ordinance, judgement by judgement, policy by policy, year after year, they build the world’s greatest anti-prosperity machine.

This can end. And this must end. This machine must be destroyed. It can be done in two simple steps: every family in India must be returned its share of the public wealth of Rs 1 lakh every year and every tax must be capped at 10%. Besides putting more money in the hands of people, these initiatives will also create a safety net for every Indian family, eliminate poverty, scale up job creation, reverse the growth of government and empower Indians to create wealth. Only then will we rise to prosperity.

But of course, those who wield the instruments of power will not do it. And that is where Nayi Disha, the political startup, comes in. Two-thirds of Indians (67 crore) are not loyal voters of the creators of the anti-prosperity machine. If just a third of us (20 crore) come together, we can change the future – for every Indian.

Nayi Disha is about us. It is our moment to stand up and change our future. Nayi Disha has been built as a platform to drive first the political and then the economic revolution Indians desperately need. It is about giving wealth and power back to where it truly belongs – we, the people. Are you ready? Because “Tum Badhoge, Desh Badhega.”

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