Wanted: India’s First Prosperity Prime Minister – Part 4

The story of our elections - every election, the voters of India exercise their franchise with great expectation – that this time it will be different.

This is the concluding part of a 4-part series on our quest for India’s Prosperity Prime Minister. You can read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 here.

The story of our elections

Every election, the voters of India exercise their franchise with great expectation – that this time it will be different. After all, that is what they are told by their leaders-to-be. Every election is about wonderful imagery, exciting promises and fantastic dreams. They are sold to a willing selectorate who buy into it for some small goodies. Every election is, as HL Mencken put it so well, an advance auction of stolen goods. Goods stolen from A to give to B, C and D. Because majority wins, and B,C and D have 3 votes and A has 1.

The growing Anti-Prosperity Machine

Over the past 70 years, the anti-prosperity machine in India has become the largest of its kind in the world. It has succeeded beyond imagination. A few could escape its wheels and thus managed to create prosperity either on foreign shores or in industries the machine had not yet reached. In some areas, its domination was absolute. Education, healthcare and agriculture – here is where one can see the anti-prosperity machine at its very best. From its early days to now, every Prime Minister has ensured that the anti-prosperity machine continues to work and grow.

Every Prime Minister who has taken oath in India had a choice of crushing the machine. Every PM had great power that comes with the position. Unfortunately, every PM chose to not destroy the anti-prosperity machine. They were primarily from two parties – Congress and BJP. Congress has had its PMs rule for 55 years, while the BJP has had 10 years. 65 years across these two parties. Congress of course created and nurtured the anti-prosperity machine, but the BJP did not smash it when it had the opportunity. Instead, it continued to run it. In some cases, as with demonetisation, it even fed the machine.

At the moment when the Prime Minister takes his oath of office, hopes are high and the people dream of a better future. Without knowing it, every citizen prays that the anti-prosperity machine will be destroyed. But no PM ever does it because short-term lust for personal power defeats the long-term concern for public prosperity.

Smashing the Anti-Prosperity Machine

This is the sad story of our country. Until this anti-prosperity machine is crushed, there will never be a bright future for every Indian. It is time for us to rise as a nation and vote to smash this anti-prosperity machine. It is time for us to decide that enough is enough. The next election has to be about a single issue – the smashing of the anti-prosperity machine and the exile of every party and leader which has been either responsible for its creation or its continuation. The single focus for the next election has to be – vote ourselves a person who will explain to us how the anti-prosperity machine will be crushed, a person who will be India’s first Prosperity PM. Only then can we rise, and then only will India rise.